H&T Tool Design | Refurbishing of Transferpresses

Refurbishing and Up-grade of Transfer Presses

The Service Department of H&T Tool Design has many years of experience with the inspection and refurbishment of transfer presses. On a worldwide basis, the H&T Group of Companies has more than 200 transfer presses in operation of different brands and types which H&T Tool Design supports with spare parts and complete refurbishing service.

The customer specifies their requirement; whether it is a general inspection and assessment of a machine at their facility, or a complete service at our facility.  Such a service can include the replacement of guide elements, the check and replacement of bushings, bearings, seals, gears, control of cams and levers or a complete replacement of an old machine control with a modern computer control including a new operational panel.

One specialty is the replacement of an existing mechanical strip feeder with a servo feeder which improves material utilization.

We can add new electrical transport controls to improve a secure operation of the transfer press and to prevent tool crashes.

We can also equip your machine with a new set of tools.

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