With experience in the production of highly precise tools for the battery components industry and for the pharmaceutical sector, H&T Tool Design ensures it meets and exceeds the demands set for tools and their repeatable precision.

H&T Tool Design’s fully air-conditioned grinding area for internal, external and jig grinding and the relevant measuring appliances allow for a repeatable accuracy of 0.003 mm, whether you require single parts or 200 parts in a single lot or in several lots at different times.

A multi-stage quality control system ensures zero defect tooling. The quality system approach H&T Tool Design implements includes excellent processes along the value chain which ensures that all parts are delivered on time and always to the same quality.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything H&T Tool Design do. With the Heitkamp & Thumann Group wide operational excellence initiative H&T Excellence, H&T Tool Design strives to continuously improve products and processes.


Quality Management Systems

H&T Tool Design has a robust Quality Management system in place to ensure all our tooling meets the needs of our customers.


Quality Certificates

H&T Tool Design is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015


Certificate of Conformance (CoC)

In line with the specification of our customers, H&T Tool Design can provide customers with a CoC.

Measurement equipment

H&T Tool Design is equipped with numerous types of measurement equipment and instruments to check and determine contours, form tolerances, roughness of surfaces and hardness. All instruments and machines are calibrated on a regular and defined schedule in line with the quality management system. H&T Tool Design’s measuring equipment is connected to CAQ software to record the measuring data during production.


Marking of Components

On request, components leaving H&T Tool Design are marked with our laser marking system. This enables us to have full traceability of all parts produced by H&T Tool Design.