H&T Tool Design supports our customer’s innovative and technical business operations with our high-precision, customer-specific tool parts.

H&T Tool Design can manufacture tooling for a wide variety of small and medium-sized products from a broad range of materials including steel, carbides, ceramics and compound materials. A dedicated supply chain ensures H&T Tool Design can support customers with quality materials and other operations including coating to meet their needs.

H&T Tool Design can produce tool parts from a drawing, sketch or sample and even re-engineer an existing tool.

Producing high precision plug & play tool parts for the deep drawing and tableting industry eg punches and dies helps reduce maintenance cost and downtime of machines at customer manufacturing facilities.

With expert knowledge of deep-drawing, H&T Tool Design can offer customers high precision tool making and the development of technical solutions from a single source.

With outstanding tool making technology due to efficient machines, H&T Tool Design can offer precision grinding techniques up to +/- three microns to ensure customers get the precision tooling without compromise.

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