Tool Parts Optimization

H&T Tool Design works closely with customers to both reduce the initial tool manufacturing cost and to increase the productivity of the tooling during use.

H&T Tool Design supports customers through the development of new technologies and manufacturing processes. These developments combined with a detailed analysis of the requirements of the tool part and then optimization of operational sequencing can reduce the manufacturing cost of customers.

With detailed statistical analysis of the ‘as is’ status of a tool part, H&T Tool Design can generate improvement ideas and experiment with the design of the tool parts and can then develop prototypes through to final production tooling.

H&T Tool Design also works closely with the supply chain, including coating and material suppliers, to validate new materials and coatings and to help improve the longevity of customers tooling.

By optimizing customers tooling, H&T Tool Design can reduce downtime for machines by increasing the lifetime of the tool parts we manufacture leading to significant cost savings for customers.