Complex Piercing

Complex piercing for the industrial sector.

H&T Industrial – offering the ability for piercing deep drawn components.

Here at H&T Industrial, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the right precision metal engineering solution for each customer, and are always looking for ways to enhance our expertise in deep-drawn technology.

H&T Industrial has the ability for piercing deep drawn components, which can be done on the press as part of the deep drawn process, which saves on cost as there is no need for a separate secondary process to achieve the piercing.

We can make piercings in the bottom of the deep-drawn component, or side piercings around the component, as standard additions to our deep-drawn process.

We can also offer a more complex piercings process, which would be subject to approval by the H&T Industrial Technical Team. In this instance, we can achieve very small pierces, such as the hole in the valve for a pressurised metered-dose inhaler, which is just about visible to the naked eye.


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