Deep Drawn Pressings

We specialise in using deep drawn stamping and deep-drawn part manufacturing technology to create high-precision metal components for the industrial sector.

Deep drawn pressing, part manufacturing and stampings

Our highly developed deep-drawing process ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, offering advantages in output and quality over other production processes.

Our process uses less material, reducing waste and cost. In addition, deep drawing pressings and stamping can achieve complex designs without the need for costly secondary operations such as micro-welding or swaging. The parts are seamless, so if the component is to contain liquid of gas, there will be no leakage.

Component batch to batch repeatability ensures consistency of production, and all tooling is designed and made in-house. This ensures a high quality product in the production of high volumes . Deep drawn components are perfect for high volume manufacturing, as the deep-draw process is cost-effective and offers better quality than other manufacturing processes. As a leading precision engineering company, our deep drawn process is important to us.

Having operated these different deep-drawn manufacturing processes for more than 45 years’, we have accumulated design experience from a range of industries, which over the years have required even more complex designs, shapes and finishes. We have invested heavily in the latest CAD systems to provide our engineers with the best tools for the task.


H&T Industrial have over 50 years’ of experience in the manufacture of deep-drawn components in a variety of substrates. Here at H&T Industrial, our wide range of substrates that we can manufacture from include:

If there is a specific substrate you are interested, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and would be happy to discuss your requirements based on the materials you wish to use for the manufacture of your components.



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